In a piece for Wired, author Chris Stokel-Walker argued that Netflix should fear UK users getting subscription fatigue. He’s right. The same should be true for all the other firms in the UK and elsewhere who have or are planning a video subscription service. That includes Apple.

However, with the number of subscriptions climbing, are we likely to see subscription fatigue? Research by MUSO, an anti-piracy data consultancy, has found that eight in ten European consumers believe they’re already paying too much for content streaming, with two-thirds saying they wouldn’t pay for any more streaming services this year. “I think we’re in an incredible position as an industry where there’s so many things happening this year,” says Chris Elkins of MUSO. “The reality is we’re going into a world of fragmentation, where content is being removed from certain platforms – like Friends and The Office coming off Netflix.”

Check It Out: Netflix Should Fear Subscription Fatigue, And so Should Everybody Else

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