New Emojis Face Delay Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

iOS emojis for the emoji keyboard

No corner has been left untouched by the coronavirus pandemic. Even the rollout of emojis has been delayed, from March 2021 until September 2021, The Guardian reported.

That will have a knock-on effect for OS at Apple and Google, who will struggle to implement the new designs on their normal timescale. All of which means that 2021 might see no brand new emojis. That’s more of a hit than it might seem. On an emotional level, the rollout of new emojis is important people who want to represent themselves in the lingua franca of the 21st century. And on a technical level, the pictograms are an important carrot dangled by the smartphone manufacturers to get people to go through the effort of installing software updates, which are crucial to protect users from security vulnerabilities and hacking attacks.

Check It Out: New Emojis Face Delay Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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