And You Thought the Fetish for Vinyl Records is Weird

Mel Magazine writes:

A generation raised on mp3s and Spotify are collecting [CD] discs like vinyl — but for reasons that have almost nothing to do with the music.

Did you throw all yours away?

Check It Out: And You Thought the Fetish for Vinyl Records is Weird

7 thoughts on “And You Thought the Fetish for Vinyl Records is Weird

  • 1 is none
    2 is 1
    3 is 2

    The backup adage applies here. If you don’t keep the disc, you don’t have a backup & therefore as the streaming distributors would love it… you have no copy of music you’ve paid for. Streaming giveth and streaming taketh away…

  • One of the best things about vinyl is how great the album art looks. It’s also weird how good vinyl can actually sound due to the often excellent mastering.

    But a well-mastered CD sounds incredible; that 96 dB dynamic range is amazing. Unfortunately most modern recordings are overcompressed due to the loudness wars. And although the album art/booklets/liner notes/tray cards are much smaller, they are nice to have.

    Unfortunately Apple Music is still stuck on 256 kbps AAC “iTunes Plus” from 2009. If Apple switched to Apple Lossless I’d probably never buy another CD again unless I really wanted the physical object.

    1. I agree, the cover art from some of those old records was amazing. And if you got a two record set, often they’d have a fold over double-sleeve with giant art on the inside. pictures, art, lyrics, they were great.
      On the other hand I would never go back to listening to vinyl. Yes they were great out of the box, but as soon as some crud settled into the grooves, a few hairs floated onto the platter, some wear from playing and sliding them into and out of the sleeve, they noticeably degraded. The rule we followed in the late ’70s and early ’80s; play it once to make sure the record was not defective, (a lot were in that era) and then copy it to cassette. Only play the record to make another cassette.

  • I don’t know who these people are, but I have CDs I can’t give away! I sell a lot of vinyl but for a buck, nobody wants the CDs. This must be such a small craze limited to the UK. Not here.

    1. You think it’s funny because you don’t live or work in this area, but I can’t find enough Edison cylinders. I have several clients looking for them. I also sell 78 RPM records and classic rock albums. Some of my best customers buy $50-100 in records a visit. It makes for a great living!

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