New MacBook Pro Problems Move from Throttling to Buzzing Speakers

Touch Bar MacBook Pro with bug

Apple addressed the processor throttling issue in the 2018 Touch Bar MacBook Pro, so now engineers can move on to the next problem: crackling speakers. Both the 13-inch and 15-inch models seem to suffer a problem where buzzing or crackling sounds randomly happen when audio is playing on the laptop’s built-in speakers. From TNW:

It’s unclear at this time what’s causing the issue, although a source familiar with the matter tells TNW the company is aware of the issue, and looking into it. Finding the cause, though, could be troublesome. User reports, so far, are all over the map.

It could be a hardware problem, or it could be software. Regardless, it seems like Apple’s headaches with the new MacBook Pro models aren’t over yet. And all I got with my 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro was a defective keyboard design.

Check It Out: New MacBook Pro Problems Move from Throttling to Buzzing Speakers

One thought on “New MacBook Pro Problems Move from Throttling to Buzzing Speakers

  • I will stand by Apple’s software all day long; and I will back the integrity of Mac Pro towers made from day One but after that – including the somewhat space compromised iMacs and ALL laptops that Apple makes – they are pretty much overpriced garbage – and Apple walks the line of ethics with the way they deal with customers that have to deal with their garbage. A quick Google search on Mac laptop problems and customer complaints AND Apple’s official responses will shock you. Yet Apple can find time to travel to the heartland to screw the farmers by opposing Right To Repair laws. Pretty cynical when Apple wants you to stay out of the repair business because they’ve designed purposefully planned obsolescence into their hardware and use repairs with no competition as a major revenue stream. 🖥

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