There’s a New Wi-Fi Standard Coming, and It’s Much More Secure

Free Wi-Fi offer in airport.

The current W-iFi protocol we all use, WPA2, isn’t considered very secure these days. It badly needs to be upgraded. And that’s going to happen in late 2019 with WPA3. This article explains the problems with WPA2 and how WPA3 will fix them. Excerpt.“If you ask virtually any security person, they’ll say don’t use Wi-Fi, or if you do, immediately throw a VPN connection on top of it,” says Bob Rudis, chief data officer at security firm Rapid 7. “Now, Wi-Fi becomes something where we can say hey, if the place you’re going to uses WPA3 and your device uses WPA3, you can pretty much use Wi-Fi in that location.” That will change everything. The Wired article fills us in.

Check It Out: There’s a New Wi-Fi Standard Coming, and It’s Much More Secure

3 thoughts on “There’s a New Wi-Fi Standard Coming, and It’s Much More Secure

  • WPA3, 5G cellular and ATSC 3.0 TV make me wonder if this is why Apple stopped the routers. Maybe (hopefully) they’re working on something that will incorporate all these changes into a new router that just works with Apple TV, Siri and HomePod. People are going to be investing in new home hardware around 2020 for everything from wireless to TV. Can’t imagine Ebeneezer Cook leaving money on the table ; ) Somewhat related, I’m surprised the Mojave beta still has an Airport Utility. No WiFi Utility?

    1. Re: AirPort utility. I’m not surprised at all. I surmise there are lots of people still using Apple AirPort equipment – and will continue to use it in Mojave. But, as you suggest, that will greatly change in 2020.

  • I’m so tired of keeping up with all of this after decades upon decades of computer and web use that I’m about ready to pull out of all of it, put on a loin cloth and just paint pretty pictures in a cave. Nobody really seems to WANT to make it truly easier for us if they can make a nickel harvesting our private information. We asked for it, didn’t we? NO! We didn’t KNOW we were asking for it until it was too late. SIGHHHH. I don’t trust a soul now.

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