Niantic’s Diana Hu Talks Engineering, AR, And ‘Lightbulb Moments

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iMore has another fascinating interview as part of its ‘Celebrating Women in Tech’ series. This time it is with Niantic’s Director of Engineering and Head of AR Platform, Diana Hu.

The exciting thing here, with building things for AR, is that this is really new technology that hasn’t been created yet. I get to work with a lot of super-smart people and very caring people. And pushing the technology forward is exciting. For some of the innovations that we get to realize, I am one of the first people to see it before anyone else. It’s very exciting when that light bulb moment comes on and it is like, “Oh, we can connect these ideas from the past to what’s happening in the present to invent the future.” An example of this happened about two years ago.

Check It Out: Niantic’s Diana Hu Talks Engineering, AR, And ‘Lightbulb Moments

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