Powerbeats Pros Are The Ultimate AirPods Alternative

Powerbeats Pros are the best AirPods alternative. That’s according to Avery Hartmans, who wrote about his experience with the wireless headphones for Business Insider after he used them for two months.

Beats really overhauled the look and feel of the Powerbeats with the new Pro model. They’re sleeker, and they feel more premium. The coating on the outside is that kind of smooth-yet-velvety material that’s pleasing to touch, and they have a bit of heft to them (although they’re not so heavy you’ll hate wearing them). Beats also upgraded the case, which is now a hard outer shell that can charge up your headphones, just like the AirPods case. It, too, has a luxurious look and feel, and acts as a good ambassador for the headphones inside: expensive-looking, branded — of course — but not ostentatious.

Check It Out: Powerbeats Pros Are The Ultimate AirPods Alternative

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