Privacy And The Next Phase of Apple vs Facebook

Facebook and Apple’s approach to privacy has long differentiated the two firms. While that remains the case, things are changing Writer, and recent Background Mode guest, Lance Ulanoff looked at the next phase of the battle between companies.

Facebook hasn’t traditionally cared much for [privacy], for example, while Apple has bent over backwards to market privacy features. But the tide may be shifting, depending on how you interpret some recent product announcements. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently committed himself to “building a privacy-focused” platform, while Apple announced a slate of new services that a different, less scrupulous company might use to harvest user data.

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One thought on “Privacy And The Next Phase of Apple vs Facebook

  • So Facebook, which has consistently lied about how it uses customer data, lied about what it sells, and denied and lied about data breaches, is now saying “Trust us, we’re changing over to a secure model”.

    Meanwhile, Apple is rolling out some new services, which have been handicapped by their unwillingness to give user data to outside publications, video providers, and others.

    I know which I’;m going to trust.

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