One thought on “Private Internet Access VPN 2-Year Subscription: $59.95

  • $59.95 / 24 months = $2.49 per month

    That seems aaaaaaawfully inexpensive for a service that sounds like it would be handling ALL of a person’s traffic (all their YouTube, Podcasts, gaming, iOS updates, OS updates, etc. etc.)

    I’m not saying it can’t be done. In fact, since it’s here on MacObserver I imagine it’s legit. But the economics of this make it hard to imagine how a company stays in business.

    Imagine… if they had 10,000 customers (which sounds like an awwwful lot), that would simply be revenue of $24,900 per month. And $25k per month times 12 months equals revenue of $300k per year. (It’s all speculation, maybe they have a million customers… I have zero knowledge of their business model, their company structure, etc. I’m just pondering out loud.)

    It just sounds like a really, really low price. Are there upsells? Limitations? I know they probably provide such info when a person signs up. Just offering the thoughts.

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