It probably won’t come as a surprise to many reading this site, but you shouldn’t buy Apple products from total strangers. No. Really. iMore has details of a recent scam in the UK.

To be fair, the latest victim, Dylan Obeegadoo, was shown real Apple products before he handed over the cash; here’s his version of the events: “Dylan Obeegadoo told Black Country Live that two fraudsters, James and Frankie, approached him in a Churchill Shopping Centre in Dudley on Thursday, March 5, and offered the expensive products. After examining the two electrical items, which were real, he handed to the cash machine to withdraw £500 and met the duo outside their car. But the Dylan said the con artists managed to switch the bags during a convincing scam and said he was left with two bottles of fizzy pop and a cardboard box.”

Check It Out: PSA – Don’t Buy Apple Products From Random People

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