Why a Second Screen For Your iPhone is Useful

Streaming movie on iPhone

It’s long been possible to connect your iPhone to second screen But do you really want another display for your phone? Ed Hardy at Cult of Mac thinks doing so has lots of uses, particularly when it comes to streaming.

Once your handset and the larger display are connected, you can watch the video from many streaming services. I’ve tested it with Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime, CBS All Access and YouTube — it works perfectly. According to the internet, Netflix and Hulu work, too. But not Xfinity Stream. That said, there are limitations. Apple’s adapter has an HDMI 1.4 port — it can handle 1080p video but not 4K. However, not all streaming services offer 4K, so you might not be losing anything. Also, you’re not watching a movie while scrolling through Instagram. Your iPhone will be fully occupied. But still, if you’re looking for a way to watch movies or shows on a full-size TV, you don’t need to buy a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. All you need is your iPhone and Apple’s HDMI adapter.

Check It Out: Why a Second Screen For Your iPhone is Useful

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