Siri and Google Seek to Address ‘All Lives Matter’ Queries

All Lives Matter Siri

Both Google and Apple have updated voice results responding to queries around the phrase “all lives matter.” The Google Assistant provides a better answer, reported 9to5Mac, but Siri does still point users to the Black Lives Matter website.

Siri’s response is accurate, but Google provides a far better explanation of why ‘all lives matter’ is tone-deaf. Siri does, though, go on to point people to ‘All lives matter’ is a response often given by overt racists, but is also used by some who simply fail to understand that there are issues which affect black people more than others. There have been many attempts to reach the latter through tweets, essays, Reddit posts, videos, and cartoons. A few of these can be found below.

Check It Out: Siri and Google Seek to Address ‘All Lives Matter’ Queries

2 thoughts on “Siri and Google Seek to Address ‘All Lives Matter’ Queries

  • My only issue with any statement ##### lives matter is that there’s an Orwellian implication that some matter more than others. But there’s no denying that in a society where gun violence is common and institutional racism exists to the level it does in some parts of the USA that something needs to be done. Smarter people than me can work out what is necessary and it is truly depressing to see that at a time when we all need to pull together with the same sense of common purpose that the hooligan and thuggery element which exists in the UK seem to think its OK to destroy public property and attack our unarmed police forces.

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