Gizmodo writes:

…if you really want a reminder of just how dumb everything is in 2019, check out this video from GE, which recently went viral on Twitter. GE even had the audacity to call it a “smart” light bulb.

A video from GE demonstrates some really bad design decisions. Really bad.

Check It Out: A ‘Smart’ Light Bulb Turns Out to be Ridiculous

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  1. Lee Dronick

    The 21st Century equivalent of the VCR flashing 12:00. This is why engineers should take some liberal arts classes.

  2. geoduck

    I just had a thought. If 8 seconds is a Dash, and 2 seconds is a Dot. Maybe the engineers are using Morse code to say “Send Help”

  3. geoduck

    OMG I am in tears. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in ages. We make industrial robots and resetting the firmware on them isn’t this complicated. This is for a bloody light bulb. Looking at this I can’t keep from thinking “Or you could use a regular LED bulb and get off your @$$ when you need the light on or off.” That’s gotta be easier than sending Morse code to your light bulb.

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