Smart Speaker Buyers Brush off Privacy Concerns

A study from researchers at the University of Michigan found that smart speaker buyers tend to brush off privacy concerns.

“What was really concerning to me was this idea that ‘it’s just a little bit more info you give Google or Amazon, and they already know a lot about you, so how is that bad?’” said Florian Schaub, an assistant professor in the University of Michigan School of Information and a co-author of the study. “It’s representative of this constant erosion of what privacy means and what our privacy expectations are.”

It’s too early in the morning and I can’t think of the term for this, but this study seems a bit loaded to me. Do these buyers already not care about privacy, or did buying a smart speaker further erode their concerns?

Check It Out: Smart Speaker Buyers Brush off Privacy Concerns

One thought on “Smart Speaker Buyers Brush off Privacy Concerns

  • They would have to not care in order to even purchase one.

    When I found out about people in another country listening to our private conversations from an iPod Touch (with the latest software) in the room, it changes how you see these things. They are spying devices. These people buying Smart Speakers just don’t get it. So as much as I like the idea of Apple’s HomePod, not going to happen. I would be a fool to hook one up or any other “Smart” Speakers. Microphone/s + Internet = No Privacy! End of Story.

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