It’s estimated that smart TVs will make up 70% of televisions shipped this year. This will give companies new data on the shows we watch and how long we watch them, which means better TV ad targeting.

Typically, TV and app makers say they don’t collect your data unless you’ve opted-in to share it, and what data they share isn’t linked to any personally identifiable information, but to an identifier that connects to a wealth of other data about you. In any case, Navin and other TV techies generally like to emphasize all that you get in exchange for turning over your viewing data. Samba’s software, for instance, can recommend shows for you to watch based on what you’ve already seen.

Check It Out: Smart TVs Could Get Smarter About Tracking You

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  1. John Martellaro

    As always, I recommend using an Apple TV (4K) connected to a smart TV that has its Wi-Fi disabled. (Except for occasional software updates.)

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