Oh, come on. Star Wars drones where you can have mock battles? I don’t know whether to lament how lame my childhood was or revel in the fact that an adult child I can get such things all day long! Here’s the deal: there are three models of these drones, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and a 74Z Speeder Bike, and we’ll suspend our disbelief enough to imagine how the speeder bike could fight with the spaceships. There’s a companion app with training missions, and the come with their own controller. AND THEY CAN FIGHT! With infrared lasers. COME ON! These things are $49.99 (each) through our deal, but coupon code CMSAVE20 brings it down to $40 at checkout. Choose your model on the deal page.

Check It Out: Star Wars Propel Drone – Collector’s Edition: $40

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