On August 1, LEGO launched its first line of sustainable blocks made from sugarcane. LEGO wants to make its production to be sustainable by 2030. The new blocks are made of sugarcane plastic and are shaped like plants. But is that really eco-friendly?

According to the World Wildlife Fund:

Sugarcane is a water-intensive crop that remains in the soil all year long. As one of the world’s thirstiest crops, sugarcane has a significant impact on many environmentally sensitive regions, like the Mekong Delta and the Atlantic Forest.

Sugar mills produce wastewater, emissions and solid waste that impact the environment. The massive quantities of plant matter and sludge washed from mills decompose in freshwater bodies, absorbing all the available oxygen and leading to massive fish kills. In addition, mills release flue gases, soot, ash, ammonia and other substances during processing.

Check It Out: LEGO Will Make Sustainable Blocks From Sugarcane. But Is it Really Eco Friendly?

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  1. geoduck

    The question should not be is it perfect or is it ideal? The question to ask should be is it better than what they use now?

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