Tesla Begins Deforestation in Germany to Build New Gigafactory


Tesla has resumed cutting down trees in eastern Germany following local opposition, Reuters reported. The deforestation is so it can build an enormous factory in the area.

The U.S. electric carmaker last November said it will build a factory in Gruenheide in the eastern state of Brandenburg near Berlin, creating up to 12,000 jobs, a decision that was initially lauded as a vote of confidence in Germany. Tesla wants to start production in 2021, but environmentalists have exploited legal loopholes in the planning process to halt felling of trees until an environmental audit is finalised to gauge whether any rare species could be endangered.

Check It Out: Tesla Begins Deforestation in Germany to Build New Gigafactory

One thought on “Tesla Begins Deforestation in Germany to Build New Gigafactory

  • I LOVE the FUD-sters. Took a ride in the Roadster about 9 years ago and never looked back. TSLA was like $23 when I bought in. Reminds me of the FUD back when Jobs came back to APPL when I bought APPL pre-candy iMac price. Since of course, Apple ceased being the company that I liked – the Computer company when it became a Toy company making phones and such – great for my portfolio but emotionally devoid of ALL else. So, spinning a lot of APPL into TSLA years ago was the best thing I ever did since buying APPL when Jobs came back.
    Even a couple months ago I was BEGGING my fronds to buy TSLA at $230 and I was guaranteeing $400-$500 within a couple months – based on Shanghai coming online and the Cyber Truck reveal. I was right. Now that the shorts are going broke and the drones and clones out there have realized that Tesla is for real of course the wanna-bes are making me rich just as the phone clones at APPL made me some $$$. My guarantee for today is obviously the stock will hit $1000 any day now so if you want a quick $100 per share profit – beg borrow and steal to get as much TSLA as you can. Analyst firms are now targeting $6000/share (I’m not) – set it and forget it. Tesla is 10 years ahead of all potential competitors because it’s not just the car – it’s the software and battery voodoo & Supercharger infrastructure nobody else can touch. Keep your eyes and ears peeled kids for the investment day thing in April regarding BATTERY. Y’all on notice. 🚗

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