iPhone Users 2x as Likely to Text and Drive

In a new study (n=2,000) 51% of iPhone users said they text and drive, compared to 35% for Android users.

16% of iPhone users said they never get distracted while driving (vs. 23% of Android users and 38% of users of other mobile operating systems).

iPhone users are more than twice as likely than Android users to video-chat, use Instagram, stream shows on Netflix or Hulu, and take photos and videos while driving.

10% of iPhone users admitted watching videos on YouTube while driving, while 4% of Android users admitted to doing the same.

Check It Out: iPhone Users 2x as Likely to Text and Drive

4 thoughts on “iPhone Users 2x as Likely to Text and Drive

  • So when you kill someone while on your iPhone and your phone gets wet from the water from the firemen – just don’t believe Apple when the Apple website gurus tell you your memories are lost and can’t be retrieved – another very mean spirited Apple policy – a total lie.
    This is where Apple could brick phones inside a car but don’t care at all about the 400,000 accidents a year caused by distraction or the 4000 that die.
    Incidentally, I don’t think iOS statistically exceeds Android on any metric do they? 🎸🎀πŸ₯πŸŽΉ

  • Is this 2X texting hands-on or via Siri?

    Actually, Siri won’t let me “text” while driving. “Hey Siri, text Jennifer” ‘Sorry but you will have to unlock your phone first’. “Hey Siri, message Jennfier” ‘What would you like to say to Jennifer?’

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