It’s been an outstanding, dramatic, and sometimes tragic decade for Apple. iMore looked back at the biggest stories that affected the company of the last 10-years. It all started with a misplaced iPhone prototype…

It was April 2010. The rumor fervor hadn’t even gotten into full-swing, when Gizmodo revealed that it had gotten its hands on the iPhone 4 prototype. The website’s parent company, Gawker, had bought it from someone that found it at a bar for $5,000. Oh boy. What a hangover the Apple employee must have had the next day. What this unfortunate mistake that anyone of us could have made revealed is that number one; There are prototypes of as-yet-unreleased iPhones just roaming around in the wild and if you hang out at San Jose based bars, you might just see one, and number two; Apple does not like it when people leak their secrets (Apple ended up seeking damages from both the seller and Gizmodo).

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