The Butterfly Keyboard May Still Return

Blue Butterfly

Just when you thought it was safe to start typing again…. the Butterfly Keyboard could be on its way back. That’s according to one Apple leaker, whose claims Cult of Mac reported on.

Despite it vanishing from Apple’s MacBook line, Apple hasn’t given up on its controversial (read: hated) butterfly keyboard design, claims Apple leaker L0vetodream. In a Friday tweet, L0vetodream said that Apple is “trying to improve on the structure, and solve the [issues]” faced by users. Should it manage to do so, “we might see it comes back again in future”… L0vetodream’s tweet suggests that, fundamentally, Apple still thinks the idea is a solid one. The company never came out and said that the butterfly keyboard had been a disaster; it only moved forward with new models without it. This is, of course, only a rumor. L0vetodream does not cite their sources when it comes to this rumor. But they have reported a number of previous Apple rumors — and had some of their messages supported by Apple leaker-of-the-moment Jon Prosser.

Check It Out: The Butterfly Keyboard May Still Return

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  • I sure hope there’s truth to this; the butterfly keyboard is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever used. I’ve had two MacBook Pro’s with it, and the only complaint I have (albeit a minor one) is that it’s loud to type on. Although the 3rd version they shipped with the membrane was noticeably quieter.

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