Thieves With Sledgehammers Attack 2 Apple Stores

apple store

Six people wielding sledgehammers stole almost $300,000 worth of products from two Apple stores in Western Australia Tuesday. The Next Web shared the video.

The first attempt was an unsuccessful one. After smashing the front window to gain entry, the group ended up fleeing due to the presence of a nearby taxi. “We know the presence of the taxi caused the group to flee the scene,” Detective Senior Constable Matt Whelan said. 40 minutes later, the group tried again at another store. This time they threatened a security guard before making entry with a sledgehammer and fleeing with $300,000 in Apple products — mostly iPhones.

Check It Out: Thieves With Sledgehammers Attack 2 Apple Stores

One thought on “Thieves With Sledgehammers Attack 2 Apple Stores

  • Charlotte:

    I suppose that the moral this story is that Apple need to place taxis next to their stores, or put their security guards in taxis, in order to prevent attacks by sledgehammer-wielding thieves.

    The data are, admittedly, limited.

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