This 2MB Image Contains Entire Works of Shakespeare

A man named David Buchanan fit the entire works of William Shakespeare in a 2MB image. It’s an example of steganography, and it’s quite cool.

“So basically, I wrote a script which parses a JPG file and inserts a big blob of ICC metadata,” he said. “The metadata is carefully crafted so that all the required ZIP headers are in the right place.” This process was quite fiddly, he added, saying it took a few hours to complete, although he wrote the script itself over a span of a couple of months.

Since it’s a JPG image, you’ll have to unzip it via Terminal. Open Terminal, type unzip then drag and drop the image in. Unless you opened Terminal inside a specific folder, it will extract everything to your home directory.

Check It Out: This 2MB Image Contains Entire Works of Shakespeare

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