Trump Tweets Mac Pro Tariff Exemption Won’t Happen

2019 Mac Pro

Apple had asked the White House for a Mac Pro tariff exemption, but President Trump tweeted today that it won’t happen.

Trump has said that exemptions are available only to companies that can demonstrate they had no other manufacturing option or show the tariffs would cause “severe economic harm.” In his Friday tweet, he again championed products made in the United States.

The tariffs are 25% on certain parts, which means that customers might be footing the bill.

Check It Out: Trump Tweets Mac Pro Tariff Exemption Won’t Happen

3 thoughts on “Trump Tweets Mac Pro Tariff Exemption Won’t Happen

  • The prior Mac Pro was assembled in the US, not manufactured. Virtually all the parts used in assembly came from overseas, except possibly some steel frames.

    The 25% tariffs Trump is calling for will do nothing to bring more manufacturing to the US. The tariffs would have to be some 2000 % to make the US competitive with Chinese made items. Whatever products are subject to tariffs will just cost more.

    The only possible good result the tariffs might bring is opening up the Chinese market to American made products. But that benefit will be minuscule. The Chinese will buy their own made less expensive products.

    Trump’s vision of a renewed manufacturing with huge plants all over the US is a pipe dream. He’ll cause prices to rise and we’ll have to pick up the tab. The Chinese will continue to manufacture, and our companies that provide us foreign made products will be forced to raise prices to pay the tariffs. We’ll have less money to buy anything and the economy and jobs in the US will be hurt.

    Donald Trump is a buffoon.

  • This is just inane. Tim Cook, rather than learning from his mistakes is doubling down and consolidating MORE production in China. He’s an idiot. The old Mac Pro was made in USA, and he’s moved the new mac pro to china. He’s just such a failure at operations, it’s not even remotely funny.

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