Turn off notifications. Just do it. They create unnecessary stress and some apps use notifications to whine that you’re not using it 24/7. Especially Facebook.

As our attention is increasingly fragmented and split among dozens of apps, the apps have compensated by getting more demanding of your time. Notifications are no longer used to notify you of anything—they’re used by apps to scream over each other in hopes that you’ll click them.

Our phones don’t control us. In fact it’s the other way around.

Check It Out: Turn Off Notifications Young Lady. Don’t Make Me Count to Three

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  1. Lee Dronick

    Now if I could just turn off notifications in Facebook. I don’t want their suggest pages, groups, events, charities, and stuff for sale. If I like or comment on my Congressman’s post then don’t tell me how to connect with him, we are already connected.

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