Twitter Co-Founder Laments Rise of Instant Feedback

Twitter and Privacy

Twitter co-founder and Medium CEO Ev Williams described preparing to post on the social network he helped create as “armoring up for battle.” He told the Recode Code conference that he misses the day’s when bloggers did not get instant feedback.

“Part of the beautiful thing about blogging was you were always looking for feedback but you didn’t get it as momentarily — things could marinate,” said Williams, who was speaking onstage at Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Tuesday with Vox founder and editor-at-large Ezra Klein. “Now, there’s an addiction to short-term feedback that is detrimental sometimes to thought.” Williams, who is now leading Medium, compared the mindset of getting ready to post on social media platforms like Twitter as “armoring up for battle.” This isn’t the first time Williams has expressed regret over what some view as the potentially negative effects of Twitter.

Check It Out: Twitter Co-Founder Laments Rise of Instant Feedback

One thought on “Twitter Co-Founder Laments Rise of Instant Feedback

  • Twitter is truly horrible. IT’s designed for the quick response without reflection or thought. As such it has become home to those who never reflect or think.

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