UK Wants Apple to Open NFC Chip for Passports

The U.K. government wants Apple to open up the NFC chip so citizens can scan their passports. It will help EU citizens apply for residency after Brexit.

Home secretary Sajid Javid visited Apple in Cupertino to discuss the matter. Apple is said to be resistant and has not promised yet that it will change its NFC policy. The report says the government is “continuing to engage with Apple at the highest level”.

The Dutch government is also pressuring Apple to adapt its NFC policy, as it also wants to offer apps for its citizens with integrated passport scanning.

I think Apple will eventually add this capability as things slowly start to shift digitally. Imagine keeping not only your credit cards and boarding passes in the Wallet app, but your passport and driver’s license as well.

Check It Out: UK Wants Apple to Open NFC Chip for Passports

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