Recent market moves have made Warren Buffett’s AAPL holding worth over $100 billion after tripling in value. Business Insider broke it down.

250 million Apple shares between 2016 and 2018, according to his 2019 shareholder letter. Buffett has cashed out some of that holding since then, and owned 245 million shares at last count. The position is currently worth more than $104 billion. Apple’s third-quarter earnings sent its stock price up 10% to an all-time high of $425 on Friday, lifting its market capitalization to north of $1.8 trillion, and making it the most valuable company on the planet. Apple stock has climbed about 42% this year, boosting the value of Buffett’s stake by $30 billion in the past seven months alone.

Check It Out: Warren Buffett’s AAPL Stake Worth Over $100 Billion

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  1. Lee Dronick

    Well mine is chump change compared to his, but I am still pleased with how my AAPL investment has grown. And now we are going to get another split.

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