White House Considering Blocking use of Huawei, ZTE Products

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U.S. President Donald Trump is considering an executive order that will declare a national emergency and block the use of equipment by Chinese telecommunications firms Huawei and ZTE. An exclusive report by Reuters said that the order is unlikely to name the two companies explicitly but will be understood to authorize reduce theĀ use of their equipment.

The executive order, which has been under consideration for more than eight months, could be issued as early as January and would direct the Commerce Department to block U.S. companies from buying equipment from foreign telecommunications makers that pose significant national security risks, sources from the telecoms industry and the administration said.

Check It Out: White House Considering Blocking use of Huawei, ZTE Products

2 thoughts on “White House Considering Blocking use of Huawei, ZTE Products

  • This is like Israel making the BDS movement illegal. Totally unacceptable. So now if we don’t like getting our ass kicked by Chinese companies – we simply make them illegal? This country is going down a hell hole. If we can’t compete, do better and stop blaming China for getting it right – stow the phony “civil rights” baloney – unless you include the USA in the same stuff like say letting immigrant children die at the border from neglect or walking away from treaties or not providing free health care (China has universal health care), or gerrymandering or not having people aka the popular vote elect politicians – but we throw stones? And worse – we allow almost EVERY American Co. to have factories in ENEMY China rather than USA? Apple, GM, GE, Walmart, in fact find a co. that DOESN’T have a factory in China!!! I dare you!! Enemy my ass. Samsung and Huwei lead smart phone sales in the world by a HUGE margin – so make better cheaper phones or die – what happened to the free market? And don’t cry about “intellectual property” when the USA does the SAME spying and hacking we blame others for. We wouldn’t have gone to the moon or even have any rocket launches today if we didn’t steal Von Braun (responsible for 20,000 deaths from his V2s and labor camp workers) from the Nazis (along with 80+ other murderers) under penalty of prosecution before the Russians did the same. So stow the so called morals of business when it comes to nebulous aka phony “intellectual property” arguments”. Just a disgusting precedent here, pathetic.

  • At the risk of sounding xenophobic, you cannot trust the Chinese. Back when I was doing work that required security clearances, I saw evidence of what China was doing. If you think that China or companies with any ties to the state have honorable intentions, then you are naive and delusional. They see industrial espionage as a way to bring them to the level of power that the United States has. It’s a war being fought in cyberspace and they are winning because the US is too stupid to do something about it!

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