Who Can Tame the AI-Powered Web?

Artificial Intelligence

Kara Swisher is not afraid to ask tough questions of the tech industry. In her latest column for Recode, she asks for a solution to the looming problems in the internet’s AI-powered next iteration.

To thrive in this environment will require being in a profession that is creative, where analog interactions are critical — one that cannot be easily made digital. Think art, think the caring professions, think anything in which being human trumps cyborg. And since AI becomes ever smarter, it will make sense to allow it to do more and more as we become ever less so. It is a path humanity is already on, of course: When was the last time you ever read a map rather than got directions from Google? Or cracked a book to find an errant fact? It’ll be like that for so many things we do, as normal practices change to reflect and take advantage of the convenience and precision of AI.

Check It Out: Who Can Tame the AI-Powered Web?

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