Who is Apple iPhone Display-Maker BOE?

BOE iPhone display maker

Apple is set to utilize a new display-maker in the next generation of iPhone – BOE. Wired provides a good insight into the relatively unknown firm.

The company, which was founded in Bejing in 1993 and acquired SK Hynix’s STN-LCD and OLED businesses back in 2001, is ranked second in the world when it comes to flexible OLED shipments, holding a market share of 11 per cent during the first quarter of this year. It, naturally, is still a long way behind market leader Samsung, which owned 81 per cent market share of the OLED market in the same quarter. Still, with a sizable chunk of the OLED market already under its belt, it perhaps won’t come as too much of a surprise – now, at least – that the firm already has some big-name allies. BOE’s display technology is currently being utilised in Huawei’s most popular smartphone models, including the high-end P and Mate series, and it reportedly will manufacturer the palm-stretching screen set to appear on this year’s Huawei Mate 40.

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