Neil Cybart at Above Avalon goes into considerable detail as he explains Apple’s strategy to control sound products. And that means, amongst other things, the dedicated headphone jack  on the iPhone had to go.

Check It Out: The REAL Reason Apple Dropped the Headphone Jack From iPhones

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  1. stanbh

    Lovely ruse; the link to find out “The REAL reason Apple Dropped the headphone jack…” leads directly to “Face ID on the iPhone is Cool…,” so we never really know the real reason.

    • John Martellaro

      For those readers who may be new to my Particle Debris column:

      1. Particle Debris, published on Friday, is usually 2 pages.
      2. On Monday, I do a special linked headline back to page 2 – in case readers didn’t see page 2 on Friday.
      3. In this case the headphone jack headline pointed to Neil Cybart’s analysis of Apple’s sound strategy in which he explains how Apple wants to get rid of wires.

      I hope this helps.

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