You May Soon be Able to Use Your iPhone on The Moon

the moon

There’s lots of excitement about 5G here on Earth. However, Cult of Mac reported that there may soon be 4G on the moon.

Rather than going with something exotic, NASA picked Nokia to build a wireless communication system based on LTE. This is the same standard used by today’s iPhones and other handsets. Nokia points out that LTE has proven to be reliable over years of use on Earth, and it’s scalable and easily deployable. “The system could support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increased speeds, and provide more reliability than current standards,” NASA wrote when approving the plan.= Cell towers on the moon will be integrated into the lunar lander built by Intuitive Machines. “The solution has been specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the launch and lunar landing, and to operate in the extreme conditions of space,” Nokia said in a statement. “The fully integrated cellular network meets very stringent size, weight and power constraints of space payloads in an extremely compact form factor.”

Check It Out: You May Soon be Able to Use Your iPhone on The Moon

2 thoughts on “You May Soon be Able to Use Your iPhone on The Moon

  • Charlotte:

    You realise what this means, don’t you?

    4G just became the cellular/mobile equivalent of Tang.

    Announcer [gravely baritone voice in a American Midwestern twang]:

    ‘4G; Moon tough. Space ready. The choice of explorers to the Moon…and beyond.’ [Fade the moon into the Milky Way]

    Now, the rest of the planet doesn’t have to feel sucky about not having 5G.

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