MailButler Professional 1-Year Subscription: $14.99

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MailButler Professional

Our friends at Stack Commerce said this is the last chance to get our deal on MailButler Professional, a collection of plugins for Apple’s With these plugins, you can mark your emails as to-do items, snooze emails, track emails to find out if recipients have actually opened them, schedule emails to be sent at specific dates and times, and more. You can get a one year subscription to MailButler Professional through us for $14.99.

Hype 3.5 for Mac: $24.99

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Hype 3.5 for Mac

We have a deal for you today on Hype 3.5 for Mac, software that allows you to add animations to web pages, infographics, presentations, digital mags, ads, e-books, GIFs, videos, and more to webpages. It outputs HTML5, too. You can get this software for $24.99 through us.

DEVONthink Pro: $39.95

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DEVONthink Pro screenshots on Mac

We have a deal for you today on DEVONthink Pro for the Mac. This software allows you to view and edit many documents inline, read webpages as if they were local documents, and file your information. You can also store your documents in a self-contained database and sync your data directly on the local network or on any USB stick or SD card w/ AES 256-bit encryption. It’s US$39.95 through us, half off retail.

iDelete Cleaner Pro for iOS 3-Year Subscription: $19

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iDelete Cleaner Pro for iOS on a Mac

We have a deal for you on a Mac utility for cleaning temp files and caches from your iOS device called iDelete Cleaner Pro. According to the company, its, “search and collection algorithm detects and effectively cleans up useless junk data, caches, log files, and more.” You can get a three year subscription to the software for $19.

Smartphone Telephoto PRO Camera Lens: $17.99

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Smartphone Telephoto PRO Camera Lens

Check this out, it’s a telephoto lens for smartphones called Telephoto PRO. It offers up to 8X optical magnification, and it connects to your device with a clamp. It’s compatible with iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices from Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Nokia. It’s US$17.99 through our deal. 3-Year Subscription: $24.99

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We have a deal for you, a VPN with military-grade 256-bit encryption. It’s compatible with a host of devices, including Macs and iOS devices, and you’ll have access to 40-plus servers in 30 countries. The deal listing has other subscription options, too, so check it out.

LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set: $39.99

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LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set

We have a deal for you today on the LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set. It works with iPhones, many Samsung devices, some Sony devices, and even some Chinese Android devices. It includes a dual macro/wide lens that’s 10x macro on one side and 0.67x wide angle on the other. It also has a fisheye lens with a 190° view. The set is $39.99 through our deal.

Pay What You Want for the 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle [Updated]

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2017 Superstar Mac Bundle

We have a new pay-what-you-want deal for you called the 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle. It includes 12 different apps—you get all of them by beating the average price, which is $12.17 as of this writing. But you can pay anything—as little as a dollar—and get two of the apps, Mac Screen Recorder and NotePlan. Beat the leader’s price and get an entry into a giveaway for a 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Check out the details on the deal listing. [Updated with a new promo image. – Editor]

Polaroid University 5-Year Subscription: $24.99

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Polaroid University

Did you know that Polaroid has an online university with hours of professional-led, professionally-produced videos for smartphone photographers, covering dozens of topics? Thanks to our friends at Stack Commerce, I do now, and they put together a deal for us on a 5-year subscription to Polaroid University for $24.99.

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: $75

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The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle

I love Arduino. It’s an open source electronics platform for making interactive projects, and we have a deal on an Arduino Starter Kit bundled with nine Arduino training courses. The Starter Kit has a bunch of Arduino electronics. The training bundles include: Arduino Step by Step 2017: Getting Started, Arduino Robotic Projects, Arduino iOS Blueprints, Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints, Arduino Android Blueprints, Arduino Development Cookbook, Arduino Electronics Blueprints, Arduino Wearable Projects, and Arduino by Example. That’s a ton of training materials, letting you pick the areas that interest you. You get it all for $75.

Plugies Magnetic Lightning Charging Cables: $27.99

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Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables

Check out the Plugies Magnetic Charging Cables, Lightning charging cables with a magnetic connector. They’re designed to work like Apple’s on-the-way-out MagSafe, but for your iPhone. It has two pieces, one a Lightning plug that sits in your iPhone. The other is a cable that connects to that plug with a magnet. They’re $27.99 through our deal. There are also versions with Micro-USB and one with both Micro-USB and Lightning. Check out the details on the deal listing.

Flux 6 Lifetime License: $49.99

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Flux 6 Screenshots

We have a deal for you on Flux 6, a WYSIWYG HTML and CSS design tool. It features the ability to write and edit code, or use drag and drop controls. Our deal is for lifetime access and future updates on one computer for $49.99, 83% off retail.

MultiPoint Bluetooth Car Speaker Phone: $42.95

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MultiPoint Bluetooth Car Speaker Phone

We have a deal on an interesting device called MultiPoint Bluetooth Car Speaker Phone. It’s a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s designed to be used in your car and attaches to your visor. It allows you to make hands-free calls, even if your car doesn’t have a built-in hands-free system. You can get it through us for $42.95, more than half off retail.