1Password Upped Their Game as Soon as Apple Tried To Make It Obsolete

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1Password has announced a new feature made to combat a common user fear: getting locked out of your account. Recovery codes are here, and you can regain access even if you forget your master password, lose your Secret Key, or fail two-factor authentication.

This comes after Apple revealed its upcoming Passwords app, a built-in password management solution for Apple devices, and it’s not similar to iCloud Keychain, including Vision Pros. It seems 1Password isn’t going down without a fight.

You can think of it as a harness belt that can be set within the 1Password app itself. Here’s how to generate a recovery code in 1Password:

  1. Navigate to Manage Accounts.
  2. Select your account.
  3. Head to Sign-in & Recovery.
  4. Find the option to set up a recovery code.
  5. Generate the code.
  6. Store the code securely, separately from 1Password itself.

With a recovery code, even a lost master password or Secret Key won’t leave you stranded. These codes are reusable, but each use requires email verification for security reasons. Hence, the recovery process requires two separate steps: the recovery code and email verification.

But that’s not all. 1Password has also revealed a setup process for new devices. A QR code will now handle the setup, followed by confirmation on your original device. The QR code setup is in beta and expected to roll out more widely in the coming months.

With recovery codes and a revamped setup process, 1Password is clearly not becoming obsolete, as some might have thought after Apple unveiled the Passwords app. In fact, there are a few functions offered by 1Password but not by the Passwords app.

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