Apple became the first company in history to be worth $2 trillion. AAPL shares traded $467 and above on Wednesday, taking it over the threshold.

AAPL Clears $2 Trillion Threshold

AAPL stock opened the day at $463.94 a share, before climbing to over the $467 a share mark. The steady increase in the value of Apple shares over the last few days has also seen CEO Tim Cook become a billionaire for the first time (via CNN Business). It comes as the company has tried to balance slowing iPhone sales with additional offerings in the services sector.

AAPL $2 Trillion

(Image via: Yahoo Finance)

Apple first cleared the $1 trillion threshold back in August 2018. It dropped below that, before returning in September 2019. The company recorded positive results in the last quarter, and the the AAPL stock price has generally continued to rise since then, leading to today’s landmark moment.

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Lee Dronick

$467 a share! I wish that I had bought more way back when. Even still I am pleased with the investment.


Charlotte:   Apple now worth $2T? That happened sooner than many expected.   Let’s recap; iPhone sales are down, but iPad and Mac sales are soaring, app sales are up, services are growing and Apple have obtained rights and signed contracts for more original content on Apple TV+ as well as service bundles with other content partners, they are about to roll out new products in the coming weeks ahead of the holiday shopping season, and let’s not forget, they have committed to shifting their product line entirely to their own ARM architecture, which most analysts agree will reduce production… Read more »

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