LONDON – Apple’s record post-stock-split valuation made the company worth more than the entire UK blue chip market, the FTSE 100. While AAPL shares closed Monday worth a total of $2.2 trillion about £1.64 trillion, the FTSE 100 was valued £1.5 trillion.

AAPL shares after stock-split

AAPL Worth More Than FTSE 100

Apple became the first U.S. firm to be worth a total of $2 trillion earlier this month. On Monday, the company completed a four-for-one stock split, in a bid to make AAPL shares accessible to a broader range of investors. At the time of this writing, one share cost around $132. Pre-split, they had been worth around $500 a share.

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Charlotte:   I recall hearing a discussion on BBC shortly before Apple reached their first $T evaluation, on which companies these tech/market speculators thought would be the first to reach that $1T market cap. One suggested Amazon, the other Google and then another offered, if memory serves, Facebook, with MS bringing up the unlikely rear.    Then the host asked why no one had suggested Apple, and after considerable muffled incoherence, the talking heads coalesced around the idea that Apple’s current evaluation was inflated, tenuous, based exclusively on the iPhone, had nothing like it coming in the pipeline (true that,… Read more »

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