Adobe Resolves Premiere Pro Issue That Blew MacBook Pro Speakers

Adobe released an update to Premiere Pro to try and resolve an audio issue that damaged some user’s MacBook Pro Speakers. The update was pushed Friday via the Creative Cloud app.

Update via Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud update was released as 13.03 (via MacRumors). The release notes said the update “Fixed issues with Premiere Pro that reduce noise interaction and help minimize possible impact.”

Mitigating the Risk

Earlier this month, users in the Adobe support forums complained that loud noise had suddenly come through their MacBook Pro speakers and blown them whilst working in Premiere Pro.

Prior to today’s update, Adobe had recommended to some users that they disable their MacBook Pro’s microphone to resolve the issue. This did not work in all cases. It told the community support forum it was “aware of the issue”. It said it was “working on a solution that will help users mitigate risk.”

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