Apple Music Will Allow Importing Playlists From Spotify and Others

Not Even a Bug Can Remove the “U2” Album from The Music Library

Apple Music is testing a feature to import songs and playlists from other streaming services like Spotify and YouTube.

Before, if you wanted to shift playlists, you had to rely on third-party apps or make some changes manually. That sure took time, or you needed to install another app. But now, Apple is introducing an easy and official way to do it on Android.

According to user reports on Reddit, the feature to import playlists is available as an A/B testing in the latest Apple Music 4.7.0 beta (1359) for Android users for only a handful of users. It’s yet to roll out to more users, even on Android.

Apple music transfer playlist reddit
Source: Reddit

The shared screenshots hint that Apple may be using SongShift. It’s a third-party service, but exclusive to iOS devices.

For those unaware, SongShift helps transfer music collections and playlists across various streamers, such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, LastFM, Napster, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Apple will integrate this service into the Music app to ease the process.

The images shared by Reddit users show a new prompt. It reads, “Add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your Apple Music library.”

More importantly, the Apple Music app’s settings on Android hint at a similar feature. But as said previously, it isn’t working right now. It’s just the teaser.

When Will Apple Music Natively Support Importing Playlists?

Right now, there is no fixed schedule for the rollout. However, we can anticipate that Apple will introduce it during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. This event will also unveil the highly anticipated iOS 18, and there is a possibility that Apple may include this feature natively for iOS devices at that time.

There is no official confirmation from either party about this development. However, the images strongly suggest that something is cooking and Apple could be leaping forward.

Apple Music and Spotify are two major players in this space; each has its pros and cons. Spotify’s algorithmic recommendations are better, but Apple Music offers a larger music library and high-res audio.

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