Apple Unveils Second visionOS 2 Beta for Developers

Apple Rolls Out visionOS 1.2 Beta 3 to Developers

Apple released the second visionOS 2 beta update to developers. The standout feature is the ability to convert existing 2D photos into 3D images. This functionality can breathe new life into photos by adding depth and immersion.

visionOS 2 beta also introduces new hand gestures for activating the Home View and Control Center. Users can also personalize their Home View by rearranging apps to their preferences; something Apple is bringing across all of its devices, excluding watchOS 11. Android has had this feature for more than a decade now.


  • “Maximum placement distance for apps has been increased. Users will now be able to reposition apps in a more flexible layout without having to move closer to the desired placement position. (124564336)
  • Volumetric window applications updated with visionOS 2 SDK now automatically tilt to face the user when the user repositions a volume upwards. This will allow users to interact with the volumetric window content while in a reclined position. Developers can opt out of this new default behavior for volumetric windows whose content is meant to be aligned with gravity. volumeWorldAlignment scene modifier can be used to control this behavior. Volumetric window applications not updated with visionOS 2 SDK will continue to get the existing default gravity alignment behavior from visionOS 1. (124620395)

“Train support is also included in Travel Mode. Guest User profiles also received an upgrade, with profiles being saved for 30 days.

Looking ahead, Mac Virtual Display will be receiving a boost, for high-resolution displays comparable to two 4K monitors side-by-side. This is ideal for users seeking an expansive workspace.

The Mindfulness app gets a wellness upgrade with the ability to track and respond to breathing patterns using the headset’sheadset’samera, creating a more personalized meditation experience. VisionOS 2 also supports Bluetooth mice.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: When applications are relaunched or recently erected, the app does not reposition in front of the user (either by not facing forward or being within usable distance). (122443480)
  • Fixed: When applications request .ultraDark dimming and are in a non-immersive scene, the amount of dimming will be constrained to .dark. The .ultraDark dimming is still available when an App is immersive. (129526922)

We do not recommend installing the VisionOS beta if you are not a developer. Betas are full of bugs, and there is currently no way to revert from a beta version to a release version unless you have a developer’s license. But if you want to install it, here’s an informative post about all the differences between VisionOS 1 and VisionOS 2.

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