Apple Watch Series 10 To Get Bigger Screen, Slimmer Body; Watch Ultra To Stay Buffed

Apple Watch is set for a size, and design refresh with the upcoming Series 10. The new model will have a larger display, with sizes increasing from the current 45mm and 41mm to approximately 49mm and 45mm, respectively. Not only this, but the Apple Watch Series 10 will also boast a thinner profile.

This news comes alongside rumors of a major design shift within Apple, possibly triggered by the recently announced M4 iPad Pro – the company’s thinnest device ever. This comes after Apple recently unveiled watchOS 11 at WWDC ’24.

Industry insider Mark Gurman suggests this iPad could be the first step towards a new generation of Apple devices moving towards slimness in their product line. Sadly, the iPhone 16 series won’t be the first to be in this series; it would be the iPhone 17.

The Apple Watch Ultra, on the other hand, is expected to maintain its current specifications. However, if production meets Apple’s expectations, new, darker color options like black might be introduced.

Apple’s manufacturing process will undergo a major shift this year with the introduction of 3D-printed components for the Apple Watch. While testing began last year, the company has reportedly achieved improvements in 3D printing efficiency, which means that production will begin in the second half of 2024.

BLT, previously an equipment supplier for Apple, will now be responsible for producing these 3D-printed components. The cost benefits of 3D printing are expected to drive continued growth for BLT, with the potential to manufacture entire Apple Watch cases in the future due to their relative production ease compared to other Apple products.

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One thought on “Apple Watch Series 10 To Get Bigger Screen, Slimmer Body; Watch Ultra To Stay Buffed

  • How to increase Apple Watch sales. The perfect device for people who want to live a phone-free life is a smartwatch. But not the Apple Watch. It is a truly standalone (does not require any other device for anything, including setup, although I would accept it if it required a Mac; I do NOT want to own a standard smartphone, not even for free!) and has a telescopic rotating retractable camera, protected from dust and sweat when hidden in what seems the crown neck. Besides, the telescopic camera is a great safety and privacy bonus, since it is only visible and active when you extract it manually.

    It is like a miniaturized smartwatch with all its capabilities. You carry it in your wrist and do not notice it. Your hands and mind are free. You do not lose it. Not even thieves look for it. You can sleep with it and use a vibrating alarm to not disturb others when needed.

    Amazingly, it costs about 100 USD ($), although I would buy one for ~1,000 from Apple if they made it as well. Unfortunately, they do not do it yet. But at least I have the cheaper one.

    One last word. It is really amazing. It has changed my life!

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