Apple Watch to Use 3D Printing Components in Upcoming Models

Refurbished Apple Watch Ultra 2

Starting later this year (2nd half of 2024), some components in the Apple Watch will be manufactured using 3D printing technology. This comes after Apple’s growing confidence in 3D printing for mass production.

While Apple experimented with 3D printing for the Apple Watch Series 9 last year, it wasn’t mass-produced. Extensive testing during that time seems to have significantly improved the efficiency of 3D printing for large-scale manufacturing.

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) is now supplying the 3D-printed components for the Apple Watch, a shift from its role as an equipment supplier last year.

The cost advantages of 3D printing seem to have been a major factor in Apple’s decision. With successful implementation, BLT’s shipments of 3D-printed components are expected to grow in the coming years.

There’s even a possibility of 3D-printed Apple Watch cases in the future, as they might be less complex to produce than other Apple products.

This news comes alongside rumors of a major design shift within Apple, possibly triggered by the recently announced M4 iPad Pro – the company’s thinnest device ever. This comes after Apple recently unveiled watchOS 11 at WWDC ’24.

Industry insider Mark Gurman suggests this iPad could be the first step towards a new generation of Apple devices moving towards slimness in their product line. Sadly, the iPhone 16 won’t be the first to be in this series; it would be the iPhone 17.

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