AppleCare+ Plans Lasting Service Life of Product Arrive Quietly

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New monthly AppleCare+ plans quietly launched Tuesday following Apple’s media event. Users can now have an AppleCare+ plan that lasts the entirety of a product’s service life.

AppleCare+ Plans Last Longer, But Limitations Remain

The plan must be taken with 60 days of a product being purchased. It will last until a service becomes becomes “vintage,” sources told AppleInsider. This is usually about five years after a product is launched. It was not clear at the time of this writing whether standard Apple Care plans can still be purchased after 60-days.

Not surprisingly, the monthly AppleCare+ plan comes in at more expensive than a standard two or three year plan.  Furthermore, there are some restrictions. Users remain limited to two “incidents” over a 24-month period. Unused “incidents” are not carried over either, and Macs and HomePods are not eligible.

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