BMW Could be Good Apple Car Partner, Say Analysts

There has been lots of speculation about who could partner with Apple on its expected car. According to analysts from Sanford C. Bernstein BMW would be an excellent partner.

BMW Good Potential Apple Car Partner, But May be Wary

In a note seen by Bloomberg News, analysts Arndt Ellinghorst and Toni Sacconaghi wrote:

In our view, BMW would be the ideal partner for Apple. Both companies have a leading innovation claim, superior brand equity and design and are excellent in global manufacturing and value chain management.

The note added that “traditional carmakers will be very careful when exploring a manufacturing partnership with Apple.” This is because a manufacturer “does not want to end up becoming a mere enabler for one of the world’s largest and best financially equipped tech players.”

Back in 2015, it was reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook had visited BMW’s headquarters in Munich, Germany. Furthermore, senior Apple execs were understood to have gone to the factory in Leipzig, Germany, where the carmaker makes its i3 electric hatchback. Indeed, BMW’s CEO at the time, Harald Krueger confirmed there had been an “exchange” with international IT firms, including Apple, in an interview with German media.

3 thoughts on “BMW Could be Good Apple Car Partner, Say Analysts

  • I seem to remember Mercedes was going to partner with Tesla… while Tesla was designing the Model S. It’s just rumours. Having Gurman at Bloomberg hasn’t increased its credibility, It’s still just rumours and unofficial leaks. All that happened was Gurman got neutralised. He’s no more reliable than any other mainstream journalist now. Slowly riding down his credibility stats.

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