eBook Platform ‘BookBub’ Introduces The Short List for More Discounts

Bookbub’s short list feature

In an email sent to users, BookBub has announced The Short List, a way to get discounts on new books.

App Store: Bookbub

eBook Discounts

BookBub is a platform that shares lists of discounted eBooks. When you sign up you can select your favorite genres and receive alerts for discounted books for those categories. It provides a link to quickly purchase the book on Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Noble (the iOS app only supports Apple Books).

Most of these discounts are for books that have already been out for several years, but The Short List wants to change that. From the email:

The Short List [is] a new offering from BookBub featuring a curated selection of rare discounts on today’s biggest, buzziest books. Most of these books have never been available at these prices before — they’re new releases, recent bestsellers, celebrity book club picks, and award winners — but we’ve worked with our author and publisher partners to bring them to you for $5-$10 for a limited time.

A new edition of The Short List will be emailed to users every week in addition to the regular BookBub emails. These deals are time limited; one book shows people have one day left to claim the deal, and another book says five days left to claim it.

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