‘Dickinson’ Showrunner Reveals What’s in Store For Season Three

Hailee Steinfeld as Dickinson

The finale of season two of Dickinson is now available to view on Apple TV+. Thankfully for fans left feeling bereft by it ending, showrunner Alena Smith has hinted at what viewers can expect in season three.

‘Dickinson’ – Reflecting Life Both Then And Now

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Smith said:

I think that season three really brings this question of in order to build a better future, you need to confront the damage of your past and that’s true for a country and a nation as much as that’s true for a family or an individual. So that’s really the central theme of season three: how can we build a better society without being honest about how we got here.

Furthermore, she also hinted at the way other stories will be interwoven as the Civil War wages in season three. Ms. Smith said that being in her (Zoom) writer’s room in the midst of the 2020 election and the Capitol riots was “almost a little on the nose,” because of “how much the Civil War was reminding us of our own times.” (There are season two spoilers in the interview, so only read it once you’ve seen all the episodes!)

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