Eleven Reasons Apple Thinks Your Business Should Use Mac

Mac means business

Apple has a new website promoting Macs to business, spotted MacRumors. It lists 11 (well 10, really,) reasons why professionals should use them.

Reasons For Business to Use Mac

The reasons it cites are:

  • The M1 Chip
  • Long battery life – 18 hours on a Macbook Air
  • Working WITH company IT for example zero-touch deployment.
  • Less IT support required
  • Saving money over time
  • Innovators use Mac (84 percent of the world’s top innovators, apparently.)
  • Availability of business apps
  • In-built security features
  • iPhone compatibility
  • Macs bring joy.

Well, nobody said this list was objective…Even though the perception that Macs are not serious computers for serious businesses has long gone, it is interesting to see Apple really driving at the business market with this new site.

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John Kheit

Don’t forget their long commitment in leaving enterprise abandoned and destroying their credibility and not following through on the sector.