‘Apple Initially Provided a PO Box And a Twitter Handle,’ as Epic Games Looked For Scott Forstall

Scott Forstall on how the iPhone and iPad saved and changed lives

Epic Games is seeking testimony from Scott Forstall as part of its case against Apple. However, MacRumors reported that, according to documents found by FOSS Patents, the Fortnite maker is finding it hard to get hold of the former iOS software chief.

Epic Games Can’t Find ex-Apple Exec Scott Forstall

According to the paperwork, “on December 15, 2020, Apple represented at a hearing that they had ‘offered’ Mr. Forstall for deposition,” using this to stop his successor being deposed. Furthermore, “on December 29, 2020, Apple confirmed with Epic that Apple represented Mr. Forstall,” and would provide dates for the deposition. Apple now denies this, according to the documents, despite the claim it repeatedly promised to get Mr. Forstall to appear. Epic Games did not try to get hold of him, as it thought Apple was doing so.

However, on February 5, 2021, Apple revealed that Mr. Forstall had not responded, despite his deposition being theoretically scheduled for February 11. “When Epic requested that Apple provide Mr. Forstall’s last known address and contact information, Apple initially provided a PO box and a Twitter handle,” the games maker complained.

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Apple, for its part, said it “has met its discovery obligations.” It also said that Epic “resisted all offers to extend the schedule,” and never raise the issue with the Judge. The company claims it “has produced over two million documents in only about five months.”

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