Privacy Paranoid Ex-Apple Employee Convicted of Threatening FBI Agent

Goodfellow Leaves Apple

A former Apple Employee is in hot water with the federal government. One Brian Broderick believed he was being spied on by Apple, and contacted the FBI about the issue, and other matters repeatedly, only to threaten the agents involved in his report. He has since been convicted and now faces jail time, noted by San Francisco’s KRON4.

There’s a lot to this situation that leads to Broderick’s arrest. Though he was quickly convicted on March 8 after a one-week trial, events before that show how the former Apple employee was in a bit of a downturn. Court records show that ever since 2021, he had issues with Apple, and even his coworkers, to whom he sent wild emails to.

Broderick was on medical leave and was suffering from a mental health issue. He held a gun in his storage locker, which was seized, and Apple even had an open restraining order against him in late 2021. In his emails to San Francisco FBI agents, he said that he was an “American who is literally hunting an idiot traitor” and gave agents a 24-hour warning before he took action of his own. The individual went as far as to complete his own surveillance at local FBI offices before his arrest.

Going through the court system, Broderick will face his sentence on June 24. His actions could lead to him facing five years in jail.

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