Greg Joswiak Sends Teasing iPhone 12 Tweet. Guess What the Time Was…

Greg ‘Jos’ Joswiak, Apple’s newly in place SVP worldwide marketing, is clearly enjoying his promotion. He sent out a teasing tweet Wednesday ahead of Apple’s ‘Hi, speed’ event on October 13.

Apple Exec’s 9:41 AM Tweet

Mr. Joswiak tweeted:

Think there is not much there? That he is just showing off some iOS 14 features… Check out the time on Mr. Joswiak’s phone. It’s set to 9:41 am (and that was his local time in California when he sent the tweet). During events, photographs of new Apple products are shown with that as the time. The story goes that the ‘big reveal’ at events is meant to happen 40 minutes after the 9 am event has started.  Obviously, you can’t time it exactly, so, in typical fashion, Apple gives itself another minute. Indeed, Steve Jobs began revealing the first-ever iPhone at 9:41 am. Ironically, the event this time is actually kicking off at 10 P.DT. Nevertheless, it was a clever nod to Apple history from Mr. Joswiak, and it all adds evidence to our assumption that the Phone 12 will be unveiled next week.

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